About Me


632e29af523f72a1ad207c327cc7aa21--polynesian-designs-island-wearTalofa lava! I’m Lefagaoalii Fa’asilitofovai-o-siliafai Anuilagi-Tasi Mata’utia Annie Ainuu-Amosa born and raised in both American Samoa and Upolu. I am a self-proclaimed cultural enthusiast, deeply influenced at a young age; I have experienced different elements that define my Samoan culture, such as: Church, Family Affairs, Chores, Samoan Performing Arts and my favorite, A’oga Samoa (Samoan School). I am Culturally Rooted in my Samoan culture and inspired by its tradition and values, that has molded me to go beyond the standard of a young Teine SamoaAs my Mum would say, “O le teine Samoa, e gafa ma fe’au”, which means, “The right of passage for a Samoan girl begins at home” referring to chores and responsibilities in the household (at the very least).

LEFAGAOALIIFAASILITOFOVAIOSILIAFAI is my personal blog that features my LIFE of my (a) Ancestry, with the belief that to know where I’m going – it is my responsibility to understand the past of my ancestors who paved the way before me; (b) Moments of great impact in my life, (c) Travels ~ including home, my documentation of leaving home as the “island girl” who took the ticket to leave my own for better opportunities out in the mighty USA (not that that made it any easier), but it was a risk I was willing to take for my family and my country, and especially….for myself. Also, this is my first ever real attempt to this “blogging, vlogging” thing, so give me a chance to share my story with you in the best way I know possible. Keep a tab on me, and stay dated in the Life of me! Alofa’aga mo outou, ia ta’ita’iina pea i tatou i le Agaga o Le Atua a o tatou folau nei Folauga Lē Tumau.